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About Solitaire For Two

Solitaire For Two is a romantic comedy about the collision between Daniel Becker, a body language expert with a long string of female conquests, and Katie Burrill, a devoted paleontologist who can read minds. Katie doesn't like what she reads. "Men's minds are sewers!" she says, and her left hook often punctutates that conclusion. Still, the affable Daniel persists in pursuing her, despite her ability to anticipate his male maneuvering and call him on it. Eventually, finding himself at a loss, he realizes that he cannot conquer her as has been his habit, charming a roster of females from motorcycle cops to squeegee girls. His efforts to fit Katie into that pattern go nowhere. He breaks his habits, tries to avoid certain thoughts, and makes every effort to create a comfortable relationship for her and help her realize that some thoughts just can't be helped, that people can't be held responsible for their subconscious thoughts and dreams. Along the way, Daniel falls in love.

Mark Frankel does a superb job portraying the charming Daniel Becker. Amanda Pays is excellent as Katie. In addition, Maryam D'Abo portrays Caroline, the wife of Daniel's best friend. It was her second film with Mark, the other being Leon the Pig Farmer.

This movie is available to the public on video tape. It is through a personal copy taped from Romance Classics that this site brings a bit of Solitaire For Two to you.

Solitaire For Two is 1995 Solitaire Productions


Solitaire for 2

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