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Sisters portrayed the lives and the friendship among four sisters, expertly depicting how complex and unpredictable female sibling relationships can be. It made clever use of the flashback, allowing the viewers to relive various recollections as the childhood events were remembered by the sisters themselves. Instead of actually taking the viewer into the past, the flashback would merge with the present dialogue and setting, playing out right in front of us, blurring the the lines between past and present, giving us insight into the younthful events that had forged the adult sisters today. It also blended in little "Sidebar" scenes of witty dialogue and action in which the characters played out some fantasy.

Mark Frankel played the elusive and enigmatic Simon Bolt, the reclusive and often abrasive miulti-millionaire industrialist who finances one the sister's fashion business. He falls in love with her, proposes marriage, then disappears from her life -- at least twice.

The role gave Mark the opportunity to play an arrogant businessman, a pragmatist, a romantic, then a pauper with boyish charm, all in the same character. It was a role that introduced him to the American audience.

In the US, Sisters aired on NBC from 1991 to 1996. The show has aired throughout the rest of the world and even made a second run on the Lifetime Network in the US and the Women's Cable Channel in Canada. It has also appeared on SoapNet.

The series has never been made available to the public on video tape. It is through a private collection that this site brings a bit of Sisters to you.

Sisters is 1991 Cowlip Productions, NBC

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