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About For Roseanna

For Roseanna is a romantic comedy about devotion, loyalty, and enduring love in the looming face of death. It explores the enduring romance between a restaurant owner Marcello played by Jean Reno and his wife Roseanna played by Mercedes Ruehl.

With a failing heart drawing her closer to death, Roseanna longs to be buried in the local churchyard cemetary next to the daughter they lost so young, but fears she may never get her wish because there are only a few plots remaining. To fulfill Roseanna's wish, Marcello takes it upon himself to keep the town citizens safe and healthy. Yet one by one, the plots are used until there is only one left. All efforts to purchase nearby land are fruitless because the owner refuses to sell, only because of his spite for an incident long in the past.

Mark Frankel played Antonio, the land owner's nephew caught between his uncle and Cecilia, Roseanna's sister. Antonio has been in love with Cecilia since they were children, and even though he has earned a university education as a lawyer, Antonio returns to his childhood village to work as a rural barrister. He also returns in hopes of wooing and winning Cecilia, played by Polly Walker.

For Roseanna is dedicated to Mark Frankel. It was his final work.

This movie is available to the public on video tape. It is through a personal copy that this site brings a bit of For Roseanna to you.

For Roseanna is 1996 Roseanna's Grave, Limited


For Roseanna
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