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ScotsGay is a bi-monthly magazine for lesbians, gay men and bisexuals. Edited, printed and published in Scotland

Issue 16 - June 1997

Life in an Italian village can be far from dull as "Roseanna's Grave", (12) proves with cafe owner Jean Reno solving the troubles of the neighbourhood. A problem harder to cope with is his wife of many years, Mercedes Ruehl, being diagnosed as having only a year or two to live. She treats it philosophically saying she has been given a very good life and tells him when she is gone he must soon get married again. Polly Walker is her good looking sister playing a waitress who stops customers concentrating on their food. The stunning Mark Frankel is the one she is happy to give second helpings to. A delightful film with great humour - but tissues are essential for the poignant moments.

ScotsGay Magazine

For Roseanna

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