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From Chris Frenzel...


     I first saw Mark Frankel, in one of the last scenes in "Young Catherine" - when Orlov confesses to Catherine that he killed Peter, knowing therefore, they could't be together anymore. In that single scene, with one single tear and a trembling voice, he won me over. I had never seen him before, and I didn't know his name, but that anguished look on his face would be in my heart forever.
     A few days later, after practically harassing all my friends and relatives for a copy of "Young Catherine", I discovered that "Fortune Hunter" was being aired on tv!!! I almost didn't recognize Mark in the show (by then I KNEW his name!!!), he was suave, and all charm, but the acting was still very, very good.
     After that, I watched "Solitaire for 2", "Sisters" and 5 minutes (only the final 5 minutes!!!) of "A Season of Giants". I knew how big this actor was and how great his future would be! He was bloody marvelous fantastic.
     Being a BIG vampire fan myself I don't have to say how pleased I was, to discover him in "Kindred: the Embraced", playing the Ventrue Prince, Julian Luna! God, it was perfect! Tough, charming, irresistible! It is needless to say how empty I felt, when I read about his death - I had accessed e-online or mrshowbizz, (I'm not sure which) the day after he died and I felt like I had lost a friend.

Young Catherine

Leon the Pig Farmer
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