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Memories of Mark Frankel:
Brian Thompson and Kindred: the Embraced


Brian Thompson worked with Mark Frankel on "Kindred:the Embraced" and during an appearance at a convention in Dallas, Texas, USA in 2000, he spoke of Mark.

What a gentle and amusing man Brian Thompson is. During his public session when he sat down and talked with us, he discussed the best people he had ever worked with, then was asked of his part in "Kindred: the Embraced." At that he said, "you mean Mark Frankel...yes, he definitely belongs on that list." He described Mark Frankel as a gentleman's gentleman...very British...gracious and polite. "He was great," he said.

In fact, Mr. Thompson dropped into London a month after Mark's death, not having heard of the tragedy. He immediately called a friend and said: "Let's go see Mark." When his friend explained that Mark had been killed, Mr. Thompson responded: "Don't joke with me." It was a shock for him to learn of the loss of such a fine actor and gracious man.

Mr. Thompson then went on to talk about "Kindred: the Embraced" as a series. Initially, he had been approached to play Daedalus. He wasn't really interested in doing any more roles with lots of prosthetics glued to his face so he advised his agent to tell the casting director "no" unless they could come up with more money. As it turns out, the producers came up with more money. Then they gave him the role of Eddie instead...still with the higher salary. At this point in his tale, Mr. Thompson curled his fists and jerked them back with the trimphant "YES!" sign.

He also claimed that Eddie Fiori is his second favorite role of all time, the first being Robert Black on Crusade. Here is what he said about Eddie: "Nice guy. He just did bad things."


Click the image for a video of an exchange between Eddie Fiori and Julian Luna.


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