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Reading Room / Leon the Pig Farmer Reviews

Review From the University of Warwick

Leon The Pig Farmer
Director: Vadim Jean, Gary Sinyor
Starring: Mark Frankel
             Janet Suzmam
             Brian Glover
             Connie Booth
Cert: 15
Year: 1992
Author: N Graham
Shown: Autumn 1993

Leon the Pig Farmer is an absorbingly original British comedy co-directed by Vadin Jean (a former Warwick University student) and Gary Sinyor. It is the tale of a nice, northern Jewish boy who feels restricted in life by the flotilla of religious rules he has to follow. One day, Leon inadvertently finds out that his Jewish parents are in fact, not his biological parents, but in fact he was conceived by a syringe containing a dosage of Brian Glover's sperm.

Therefore, in a quest to find out about his original roots, he travels up north and finds that his true father is in fact a pig farmer. The film then very cunningly explores the clash of cultures inherent in Leon's mind. The film contains an incredible amount of joyous one liners and amusing scenes as the film-makers gently poke fun at `typical Northerners' and the Yiddish faith. In one segment, in an effort to make Leon feel at home, Glover and his wife (Connie Booth from Fawlty Towers) attempt to take on the characteristics of a Jewish family, right down to the accents.

What makes the film even more remarkable than the fact it is a British comedy (usually a contradiction in terms) is the idea it cost a mere 160,000 pounds. Coupled with the recent "Hear My Song" it seems that Leon the Pig Farmer could mark a joyful return to the British film industry of a sense of humor.

Sadly needed in these times. (N. Graham)

Warwick Student Cinema Film Review Archive

Leon the Pig Farmer

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