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Mark Frankel
Mark Frankel
8 in x 10 in
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A Wrinkle in Time has made several Mark Frankel photos available for purchase. These are wonderful glossy photographs. Mark as Carlton Dial

Kindred: the Embraced

All eight episodes of this series are available as a three-volume boxed set of video tapes.

1998 saw the final Kindred: the Embraced calendar. No more have been produced. Some are still available however. Please

Kindred: the Embraced Video Set

Solitaire for Two

This romantic comedy was written with Mark Frankel in mind. He plays an irresistable body language expert who encounters a paleontologist who can read minds. The movie is charming, and Frankel is wonderful as the cocky Daniel. Solitaire for 2

Leon the Pig Farmer

This is the film that brought Mark Frankel to the attention of theater audiences. It is a somewhat neurotic examination of culture, family, and heritage, and all the things that lead us on our voyages of self-discovery. Leon the Pig Farmer

For Roseanna

This film is a surprisingly warm romantic comedy about love, loyalty, and death. For Roseanna is dedicated to Mark Frankel. It was his final work.

For Roseanna

Young Catherine

This historical drama is filled with splendid scenery, great drama, and excellent performances, especially from newcomers Julia Ormond and Mark Frankel. It is available in two versions. One is a two-volume set --the TNT version; the other is a single volume abbreviated version. Young Catherine

Ruth Rendell Mysteries - Vanity Dies Hard

Although the Ruth Rendell Mysteries television series is not available on video tape, many of its books are. "Vanity Dies Hard" is one of them. Featured here are the mass paperback, the hardcover, and the audio cassette. Ruth Rendell

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