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Gallery / Maigret and the Mad Woman

Inspector Maigret

About "Maigret and the Mad Woman"

In the "Maigret and the Mad Woman" episode of the Inspector Maigret series, an elderly and affable Mme. Antoine arrives at police headquarters to report that someone is moving her possessions around in her home, turning vases around, setting pictures askew. She demands to see Maigret but is interviewed by two detectives who believe that Mme. Antoine is merely senile and suffering forgetfulness. As she leaves, she runs into Maigret and explains to him all about the odd activity. That evening, she is murdered. Mme. Antoine had no close living relatives, only a niece named Angele Louette. Angele's boyfriend is Marcel, played by Mark Frankel.

Marcel is an unpleasant self-centered young man who lives off older women. Maigret once remarked to him that his life of sin and debauchery would catch up with him one day. Eventually, a bad decision winds him up on the wrong side of a man named Giovanni.

This episode is no longer available in NTSC but can be found in PAL versions. It is through a personal copy that this site brings Marcel to you.

Inspector Maigret is 1992 Granada Television

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