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Gallery / Leon the Pig Farmer

Marks Talks About His Role

The role of Leon Geller was Mark's first actual film role, after his appearances in two television movies A Season of Giants and Young Catherine. He was proud of the role, stating, "It's an all-out comedy about a boy who's the product of artificial insemination. He goes in search of his real father who turns out to be a pig farmer in Yorkshire. As a film, it's very much of a loose cannon, which is why it appeals to me!

"I first read [the script] just as a comedy," he said. "It really takes a lot for me to laugh. I go to movies, and I think theyíre funny, but I donít actually, vocally, laugh. Leon made me laugh out loud off the page. That was very exciting. Itís definitely the first Jewish comedy in England -- and that definitely makes it quite unique."

When asked if he knew of any Jewish groups that were upset with the film. Mark responded, "I personally have not met anyone whoís been upset by it, but I know that there are some people who apparently have been in England. A very few, but to me, the one thing that Jews have always been able to do is to laugh at themselves, and if we canít crack a joke. . .I donít think Gary and Michael wrote the script with any intention apart from making a very funny film. Even the scene on the cross, it was so mild. Anyone who takes that personally, Orthodox or Hasidic Jews, or whatever, I think thatís kind of ridiculous."

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