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About Leon the Pig Farmer

Leon the Pig Farmer is a zany little film with a plain message: be true to yourself.

Leon is a nice Jewish boy living in London, and he has reached a crisis point in his life. Uneasy about the deceit required to successful in the real estate business, he quits his job as a real estate agent. His attempts to romance his best friend Lisa, played by Gina Bellman, are going nowhere. He nearly runs over a young artist, they go out to dinner, and when she discovers that he is Jewish, he fears she will shun him. Instead, Madeline, played by Maryam D'Abo, finds Jewishness an aphrodisiac. They begin a torrid affair which shocks his family. But the real shocker comes as Leon is temporarily working for his mother's catering company.

When he delivers deli to an infertility clinic, he accidentally learns that he is the product of artificial insemination. He then finds out that, as a result of a test-tube mix-up years earlier, he is not who he thinks he is.

Leon flees London to track down his biological father -- a Yorkshire pig farmer. Leon's new-found parents welcome him into their home and go out of their way to make him feel comfortable. The whole family gets in on the act by learning Yiddish phrases, preparing Jewish meals, and reading Portnoy's Complaint.

What follows is Leon's flight toward self-realization in this comedy about Jewish guilt, identity crises, and role reversals.

Mark Frankel played Leon, a role that added fuel to his acting career. This film won the Critics Award at the Venice Film Festival and the Charlie Chaplin Award at the Edinburgh Film Festival that same year.

This movie is available to the public on video tape. It is through a personal copy that this site brings a bit of Leon the Pig Farmer to you. Some of the material describing this comedy comes from the video jacket.

Leon the Pig Farmer is 1992 Leon the Pig Farmer Pic


Leon the Pig Farmer

Publicity Flyer

The following images are from the front and back of a press release flyer kindly contributed by Linda Myers. Click the thumbnail to view a larger version of the image.

Limited Edition CD

A special signed limited edition CD was produced for "Leon the Pig Farmer," containing some of the music in the movie. This CD was signed by David Hughes, John Murphy, Gary Sinyor, and Vadim Jean.
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