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When Mark Rein-Hagen developed the punk Gothic Vampire: the Masquerade role-playing game and its companion book, he planted the seeds for one of the most darkly erotic and brooding television series to be produced -- Kindred: the Embraced.

The underlying pulse of this daring show is its slow steady pacing to some climax as it wound its way through tales of love, loyalty, betrayal, power, intrigue, and the deep wisdom that can come only from the ancients. Its characters are dark, beautiful, and seductively thrilling.

"We're all around you" is a phrase played throughout the series. It hints at the presence of Kindred hidden among humankind. Kindred move in every walk of life. Kindred run corporations; they function in government; they control entertainment; Kindred are everywhere, all the while protecting themselves ultra thin watch behind the Masquerade, a code of conduct to ensure that humans do not discover the other side of life living freely among them, changing identities as they move agelessly through the years.

Evocative and sensual, the series plays out in San Francisco with its five Vampire clans. The Venture are noble, leaders, and they excel in finance, industry, and government. The Brujah often challenge tradition and law, occasionally upsetting the peace and balance. The Toreador are creative, gifted, and thrive in the arts. The Gangrels are street-wise and proud of their freedom, laying claim to Gypsy blood. The Nosferatu tend toward the savage, and have developed a cool-headed detachment that keeps them neutral in many of GMT Master II the Kindred feuds.

These clans are subject to the Prince, a Kindred who holds domain over a specific metropolitan area. Mark Frankel played Julian Luna, the Prince of San Francisco, a leader who was as vengeful as he was compassionate, a businessman of indeterminable wealth, a man who likes to stay in the shadows.

Casting Mark Frankel as Julian Luna was a brilliant move on the part of the producers. They found a lead who was classically trained, finely handsome, and daring in the roles he chose to play. Mark Frankel portrayed the powerful Julian Luna with remarkable grace in one moment, then with unleashed passion in the next.

Julian Luna is the law AT8500 orange second hand among his kind; he has destroyed life with calculated ruthlessness. He has loved the most beautiful of women, specifically the legendary Lillie Langtry who moves in and out of his life just as easily as she moves in and out of his bedchamber. Passion rules the Kindred, and Julian Luna was as subject to it as anyone. He knew passion for his companions, his Sire, and his long ago human family, a family whose descendants he witnessed in secret as they lived out their lives then died while he continued on, never aging. Lending his own charm and passion to this character, Mark Frankel gave us a Julian Luna who knew devotion, tragedy, and the weight of his burden as Prince.

Mark Frankel made Julian Luna dangerously alluring and exotic.

Julian Luna made Mark Frankel immortal.


In the US, Kindred: the Embraced aired on Fox in 1996. Of the 8 episodes produced, only seven were presented to the North American audience. The show has aired in its entirety throughout the rest of the world.

The complete series has been made available to the public as a three volume boxed set of video tapes including all eight episodes. There is also a DVD version. It is through my own private boxed set that this site brings a bit of Kindred: the Embraced to you.

Kindred: the Embraced is ้นถ Spelling Television, Inc.

Kindred: the Embraced Video Set

Kindred: the Embraced Press Kit

Here are the contents of the press kit that was produced for Kindred: the Embraced. It was delivered in a glossy pocket folder and the front cover displayed the World Vision Entertainment logo with a cutout. A photo in the folder shows through the cutout. The contents were a series of documents about the show and its actors, a set of slides, and B&W photographs. There were also documents that presented a synopsis for each episode. The synopses were probably written before the scripts were final because there are glaring differences.

Kindred: the Embraced Clippings

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